We'd love to introduce you to... 

the ONE

by ReSound

If you've been trying to figure out which hearing aid is right for you...  

This is the ONE.

Meet the ONE by ReSound. This incredible, first of it's kind instrument has an incredible host of features, including an amazing Triple Microphone design that provides up to 30% better performance in noise and unmatched comfort in windy environments. 

This is SMART...



This is...

the ONE

Power Through Your Day

Last a full day on a single charge, and take your charging case with you on the go, and recharge your instruments with ease while on a trip- even with no power cord.

This is next generation rechargeable.

Connect to What Matters

Hear phone calls, music, video calls, movies, anything you like from your phone, to connect you to your life like never before. Compatible with Apple and Android phones. 
This is incredible connectivity.

The ultimate in control in your hands

Use your phone to control what you're hearing- whether tweaking the sound in a noisy environment, turning up the sound of the tv in your ears without impacting what anyone else hears, and even use your smartphone to find your hearing aids when you've misplaced them... you're truly in the driver's seat.  

This is hearing what you want.

Hear where it matters- when it matters

Noisy restaurant? Church service? Out on a windy golf course? No reason to compromise. The incredible triple microphone system and advanced signal processing allow for 30% better hearing* in any environment you're in.

 This is an incredibly smart hearing aid.

Skip the Trip to the Office

With the incredible technology of Live Assist, we are here to support you wherever you are. Have a face to face meeting with one of our talented hearing professionals and receive expert guidance, care, and programming adjustments from wherever you are. 

This is a game changer.

Take Advantage of The Best Sound Processor There is- Your Brain

Designed by expert engineers to deliver information to your brain in the most natural, usable way, this incredible technology delivers effortless hearing in a variety of environments.

This is Organic Hearing... 

To schedule a free hearing test and complimentary demonstration of the ONE Book your appointment below, or give us a call at 844-644-3210

*Clinically proven in a recent study to deliver up to 30% better hearing in noise and difficult environments than other leading hearing aids. Your individual results may vary based on your particular hearing loss. 
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