We Now Have an Incredible Way To Test Your Hearing Curbside!

Introducing The hearX Hearing Assessment System

Curbside Hearing Tests Now Available!

This incredible advancement In audiometric technology allows for you or someone you love to receive a hearing test in the comfort of your car

-Here's How It Works-

  • Before each hearing test, the licensed hearing care professional will disinfect the HearX Samsung tablet, headphones and the specialized HearScope ear camera.
  • The hearing care specialist will explain the HearX testing process, while remaining at a safe distance from your car. The provider will wear a mask, face shield and gloves to insure your safety.
  • The hearing professional will take a picture of your ear canals and eardrums with the HearScope digital camera. The process is simple and safe. If you prefer to hold the device, you will see your ears on the screen and then take photos of your ear canals. The HearScope ear camera is used to check for abnormalities, obstructions or earwax.
  • The hearing care provider will hand you the HearX Samsung tablet and the sanitized headphones. Using this simple touchscreen device, you will conduct your own hearing test in just a few minutes.
  • This hearing test process is quick and safe. Get the results immediately and then simply drive away. Within a few days, you will receive a call from the hearing care provider to discuss your test results over the phone or on a FaceTime video consultation. If you have a hearing loss that could benefit from hearing devices, the licensed hearing specialist will ship hearing devices, pre-programmed for your hearing loss, directly to your home.

We don’t want anyone to put off seeking help for a hearing loss due to the COVID-19 restrictions. We recommend a curbside hearing test to anyone that wants to avoid an in-office appointment. Many people can hear again because our practice has been innovative enough to change our business model. Our patients can now get on with their lives without putting off improving their quality of life or risking the safety of themselves or loved ones!

In-Office Visit Preferred? — Our Hearing Care Professionals are CDC Compliant

For people who are more comfortable with an office visit, we have implemented a CDC-approved process for sanitizing, disinfection and social distancing (compliant with all state and federal guidelines). Appointments are spaced with adequate time to reduce contact with other people in the office.

  • Free Curbside or In-home Hearing Test
  • Tele-Assist Remote Hearing Aid Delivery and Adjustments
  • Zero Interest Financing Available
  • ​30- Day Full Money Back Guarantee
  • ​Best ReSound Hearing Aid Technology & Instruments

To learn more about this HearX Hearing Testing Process or to schedule an appointment, click below

NOTE: Some hearing tests may indicate results that require a consultation with a physician or suggest the need for additional, more in-depth hearing evaluation in the office. If you require additional diagnostic testing, the hearing care provider will discuss the process for safely visiting one of our offices. In these circumstances, hearing aids cannot be sold or delivered without the necessary information provided by additional testing.
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